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Q: How do we retain passion in life and still follow the teaching that we should accept all of life with equanimity?

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Two Truths—Indivisible

When we enter the path, we work at the level of relative truth, and with practice we may gain insight into the absolute. But we don’t enter the final stage of practice, says Tsoknyi Rinpoche, until we realize they were never separate.

No Shortcut to Awakening

Ross Bolleter guides us through the Cycle of Merit, the ancient Chan master Dongshan’s map showing us the way to enlightenment and back to where we are.

Why Do Buddhists Pray?

Who are we praying to? What are we asking for? Three Buddhist teachers explore what prayer means in a nontheistic tradition and the best way to approach it in your practice:

Elizabeth Mattis-Namgyel | An Invitation
Jan Chozen Bays | The Paradox of Prayer
Mark Unno | If It Sounds Too Good to Be True

Oh Tara, Protect Us

Thubten Chodron comments on a prayer to the buddha Tara to help protect practitioners from the eight dangers.

Forum | Milestones and Dilemmas: Exploring Buddhist Translation Today

Bhikkhu Bodhi, Sarah Harding, and T. Griffith Foulk reflect on the state of Buddhist translation and the challenges and opportunities ahead. Introduction by Robert Thurman.

Being Shaken

When Edward Brown first began meditating, his body shook and rocked on the cushion. But he refused to give up. Instead, he found a way to release the childhood trauma at the root of it.